Are you looking to answer communication questions yourself and wish to receive new impulses or additional expertise from outside? K12 develops and moderates individual workshops and training – for you, on site.

Our workshops cover these topics:

  • Communication planning
  • Empowering Change
  • Development of guiding principles
  • Editorial office
  • Sales communications
  • Community management
  • Dealing with social media
  • Online communication and online PR evaluation
  • Workshop: Digital transformation of communication and PR automation

Would you like to benefit from our in-house workshops or presenations? You can find an overview of our specialist themes here.

Workshops offered

Benefit from our know-how via thematic workshops and training:

  • Editorial Training (Basic): Essential aspects of journalistic writing, editing, fundamental concepts of stylistics (1.5 days)
  • Editorial Training (Advanced): reportage, fundamental concepts of page making, visual language (1 day)
  • Communication Planning: Joint development of annual communication planning guidelines (1.5 days)
  • Creative Workshop: Development of creative ideas within the team. Spinning is also allowed. (1.5 days)
  • Positioning Workshop (1 day): Joint answering of questions: What sets your company apart? What makes it special? Where do you want to be positioned in the medium and long term?
  • Media Training: How can you shine at high-profile occasions and in the media, and make sure that desired messages reach the target group?
  • E-marketing Training (0.5 days): How do you adequately market online offers to the target group? Which possibilities exist? What must be taken into account? What is the right approach for your company?
  • Online PR and Communication Strategy Development (0.5 days): The path to effective online positioning: Joint goal setting, development of concept sketches and criteria for success control.
  • Corporate Communications and Social Software (0.5 days): What is out there and what is possible? In which areas of application is social software useful? What prerequisites must be created for it?
  • Web Metrics/Measurability in Online Communication (0.5 days): Which key figures must be recorded in online communication, so that the success of communication can be adequately measured?
  • • Our “Shitstorm” Simulator: A tool for use in crisis preparation workshops.