Common goals and shared values provide orientation and motivation – they are fundamental for successful renewal within companies. For new ways of thinking and acting to manifest and be experienced, they must be understood and internalized. In order for credible guiding principles to emerge, it is important to involve managers and employees (at least symbolically) in the process.

We support you in developing a set of guiding principles, communicating these and anchoring them in everyday operations. In addition, it is often helpful or necessary to derive your own leadership principles or “leadership guidelines” from the set of guiding principles, to which management is committed.

The foundation for our work consists of a precise analysis: What existing values can we build on? What makes the guiding principles process so urgent? How does it become relevant for all employees? How are the elements of leadership and collaboration experienced?

How we can help you in the area of identity & guiding principles:

  • Analysis of rules, requirements and perception conditions
  • Identification of existing values that can be connected
  • Community procedures for developing the guiding principles
  • Leadership guidelines that strengthen management as an exemplary role model
  • Communication plan for communicating and anchoring the guiding principles