Increasing competition, rising cost pressure, ever shorter product life cycles and sinking margins – in times of digital transformation, it has become increasingly important to stimulate sales efficiently and strengthen these sustainably. Our answer to this constantly evolving complexity: Marketing communication with intelligent, brand-specific concepts and tools. This enables us to develop sales competencies in a targeted manner, support those responsible in their function and ensure that sales targets are achieved over the long term.

K12 controls and optimizes processes and drives communication to the sales team. In doing so, we expand the portfolio of classic measures with innovative formats. Thus, our customers can communicate product advantages internally and externally in an easily understandable way. In the conception and implementation of communication measures, we not only orientate ourselves technically but also in terms of content with respect to the current state of knowledge and development – always thinking one step ahead.

By taking an interdisciplinary approach, we bundle extensive internal competencies and experience from the service areas of digital communications, content development and visual communications for our customers.

How we can help you in the area of marketing communications:

  • Powerpoint
    Storyline, content and design at their best
  • Product films
    Moving image production of product USPs and innovations
  • Explanatory videos
    This is how it works – show instead of describe
  • Trade fair concepts
    ideas and content for a sustainable brand experience
  • Digital media and exhibits
    Abstract becomes comprehensible and tangible
  • Liquid storytelling
    Brands tell stories
  • Multimedia conception
    Word, sound, image: Combining the advantages of different media
  • Content marketing
    The right content at the right time on the right channels
  • Classic advertising media
    Achieve maximum impact with digital and analogue
  • Customer journey
    Making sales processes come alive
  • Lead generation
    Landing pages that support sales
  • PoS strategies
    Score points quickly and efficiently on site
  • Sales arguments
    Focus on benefits and advantages
  • Mobile sales support
    Product information via tablet and smartphone
  • Infographics
    At a glance: Complex interrelationships in the form of images
  • Corporate and marketing websites
    From strategic orientation to implementation and ongoing support