As an agency in the field of social media and content marketing, K12 develops tailored and target-oriented communication measures with clients and thus creates the conditions for sustainable involvement in social media. At the beginning of a social media relations plan – the analysis phase – our social media audit is always the first step. It shows a company where and how it can position itself in the social web and where the starting points for engagement are. In doing so, we identify intersections from both the stakeholder perspective and the company perspective. Here, content audit plays an important role, providing a 360° perspective on the topic of content: The content possibilities from the customer perspective (assets, topics), the topic allocation of competitors and the SEO perspective.

A large part of the set-up phase revolves around the definition of internal processes and their implementation. Do you need a knowledge transfer? We train you or your employees. We are happy to share our knowledge.
In subsequent social media management or ongoing support, you will find out how to successfully address your target group: With the right content and formats, on the right platforms.
An overview of our approach and range of services in the field of social media (and content marketing):

Social media strategy process and operations



How we can help you in the area of social media relations:

  • Community management
    Editorial support for Facebook, Twitter & Co.
  • Internal digital communication
    Intranet and social media applications
  • Social media audits & evaluation
    Assessment of the social media environment and social media measures
  • Social media marketing
    From analysis, strategy development to ongoing support
  • Content marketing & online PR
    The right content at the right time on the right channels
  • Social media fitness
    For the introduction of social media in companies and the enablement of employees
  • Social media governance
    Developing a framework
  • Blogger and influencer relations
    Maintaining contact with opinion leaders
  • Event blogging
    Live reports from trade fairs, congresses and travel
  • Corporate blogging
    Where companies speak directly to their audience
  • Social media monitoring
    Observe and find topics
  • Social media enablement
    Support for all who self-manage social media channels
  • Social Video