The digital transformation of economies and societies is changing communication habits: Customers and other stakeholders are demanding social media channels and user-oriented websites as a matter of course, and expect to be addressed and contacted competently via these channels. They are thus developing into central instruments of corporate and marketing communication.

Online communication is therefore a key pillar of K12’s service offering. We support our clients in shaping digital change and taking advantage of the opportunities it offers. An experienced team of consultants/conception designers, project managers and social media experts work together with developers and designers to create customized solutions. Social media and web analysis services review measures and make success measurable.

Our services at a glance

  • Community management:
    Editorial support for Facebook, Twitter & Co.
  • Liquid storytelling:
    Brands tell stories
  • Corporate and marketing websites:
    From strategic orientation to implementation and ongoing support
  • Development of Corporate Newsrooms
  • Online publishing and newsletters:
    Concept, editing and implementation of digital publications and periodicals
  • Internal digital communication:
    Intranet and social media applications
  • Content marketing & online PR:
    The right content at the right time on the right channels
  • Data-driven Content:
    Data-supported development of topics
  • Search engine optimization:
    SEO editing and programming
  • Web Metrics & online evaluation:
    Evaluation of online communication measures
  • Social media audits & evaluation:
    Assessment of the social media environment and social media measures
  • Social media marketing:
    From analysis, strategy development to ongoing support
  • Social media fitness:
    For the introduction of social media in companies and the enablement of employees
  • Social media governance:
    Developing a framework
  • Blogger relations:
    Maintaining contact with opinion leaders
  • Event blogging:
    Live reports from trade fairs, congresses and travel
  • Corporate blogging:
    Where companies speak directly to their audience
  • Social media monitoring:
    Observe and find topics
  • Social media analytics:
    Success monitoring, evaluation & knowledge generation
  • Target definition workshops:
    Define what is to be measured
  • Web analytics solutions:
    Tools for continuous observation
  • Social network analyses:
    Identification of communication flows, multipliers and information silos
  • Workshop: Digital transformation of communication and PR automation
  • CEO positioning or personal branding
    via digital media