Whether it is the internal pressure to renew through digitalization or the added value of a new product – plausible and credible content is essential to convince your audience. More than ever before, companies and organizations must therefore face up to the questions: Which comprehensible or even motivating, captivating arguments do I have? What do I actually say or write and how? How do I open up new perspectives and thus encourage a change in thinking?

K12 develops the story behind the change, the new product or new service. We ask the crucial questions, and understand our clients businesses and their challenges. With a sound knowledge of future-oriented themes and a feeling for compelling stories, we deliver content for formats that reach their audience.

Our services at a glance:

  • Argumentation and strategy papers:
    Set goals, communicate advantages
  • FAQ and guidelines:
    Clear answers to important questions
  • Powerpoint:
    Storyline, content and design at their best
  • Prezi presentations:
    The whole picture: Clarity meets depth of information
  • Talks, speeches and editorials:
    Words to the audience – convince and arouse curiosity
  • Print publications:
    From brochures to magazine articles
  • Online publications:
    From social media to corporate website
  • Editing for audiovisual media:
    Infographics, image films and podcasts
  • Community management:
    Editorial support for Facebook, Twitter & Co.
  • Website editing:
    Search engine optimized texts for microsites, one-pagers and corporate websites
  • Brochures:
    Product information and company profiles to go
  • Newsletter:
    Current information for your target group more
  • Customer magazines:
    A look behind the scenes and beyond
  • Employee magazines:
    Multi-channel for internal communications
  • Corporate blogs:
    Where the company speaks personally
  • Event blogs:
    Live reports from trade fairs, congresses and travel
  • Online magazines:
    Engage customers with powerful content
  • Magazine apps and e-books (iBook, ePub):
    More options, less cost – electronic equivalent of the print magazine
  • Studies & White papers:
    Depth of content for potential customers
  • Chronicles:
    An overview of the company's history
  • Image films:
    Portraits of companies, institutions and brands
  • Explanatory videos:
    This is how it works – show instead of describe
  • Podcasts:
    Audio and video format for subscribers
  • Data storytelling:
    Communicating complex topics with data