Promotional material, Facebook news, newspaper articles – there is a myriad of content vying for the public’s attention. If you want to get your message across, you have to offer them something. A compelling story, for example: Relatability, excitement and fun are the main goals of storytelling, which brings corporate and product communication to life. Together with you, K12 develops formats that convince your target group and contribute to the success of corporate publishing – from topic identification to editorial planning and the article, from treatment to storyboard and speaker text, from content analysis to topic setting and social media editing.

How we can help you in the area of editing & storytelling:

  • Print publications:
    From brochures to magazine articles
  • Online publications:
    From social media to corporate website
  • Editing for audiovisual media:
    Infographics, image films and podcasts
  • Community management:
    Editorial support for Facebook, Twitter & Co.
  • Website editing:
    Search engine optimized texts for microsites, one-pagers and corporate websites
  • Data storytelling:
    Communicating complex topics with data
  • Data-driven content:
    Data-assisted development of content
  • Podcasts:
    Audio and video format for subscribers