Committed employees form the solid foundation for long-term development of companies and institutions. Recruiting, the acquisition of suitable specialists and executives as well as qualified junior staff, is becoming an increasingly critical factor for success. Those who want to survive in the war for talent need a strong employer brand – and professional communication. We support organizations of all sizes in attracting and retaining the very best – with our purpose-driven employer branding approach and customized communication solutions.

Whether it’s building and strengthening an attractive employer brand or a comprehensive 360° recruiting campaign including a content marketing strategy and high-precision social media marketing, we combine strategic expertise with a high level of implementation competence to ensure rapid success and sustainable impact. So that relevant messages and exciting content achieve maximum effect through ads, posters, display ads, social ads, TV commercials and innovative digital experiences.

Our approach: Purpose-driven employer branding
Formative factors and the effect of K12's purpose-oriented employer branding approach on employees, applicants and the company

Welcome to the employee market

Demography, economic development and the resulting shortage of skilled labour mean that employees no longer approach companies, but companies approach employees. Money is no longer the primary consideration for many potential candidates. Fun and fulfillment can make all the difference when choosing a job.

Today, both the job and employer must fit into the value system of employees – and at best follow a higher goal than simply growth and profit. This is where purpose comes into play. It is the raison d’être of the organisation and a satisfying answer to the “why” behind daily activities. It fills everyday working life with a sense of meaning and increases job satisfaction.

Quality not quantity

One focus of modern HR marketing is on increasing the quality of applicants. In addition to job-specific skills and qualifications, soft skills, and above all the cultural fit continue to gain in importance: human factors that decisively shape innovative strength and the ability to change – and thus ensure the future viability of the organisation.

Creating the foundation for employer branding together

We support companies and institutions in building and strengthening their employer brand, providing new impulses for employee loyalty – and actively helping to find and retain suitable talent. Since successful employer branding is based on true corporate identity, we work with our clients to find the spirit of the company, its unique essence. To do this, we draw on proven methods and tools of culture analysis, which we also implement into developing guiding principles and transformation projects.

Employer branding transforms – change needs employer branding

Particularly in long-term transformation processes, far-sighted employer branding sets the course for the future. It offers orientation, shows employees where the journey is headed – and as a strategic management tool, it contributes to the achievement of long-term corporate goals.

At home across all channels

If you want to engage and win over the right people, you need to address them via their preferred channels, inspire them with relevant messages and content – and encourage interaction. Because no target group ticks like the other, we develop tailor-made strategies. In employer branding and HR marketing today, nothing works without social media. That’s why we think primarily in digital and social terms when choosing channels. In addition to the classic, HR-relevant channels such as job exchanges, LinkedIn and XING, we also master orchestrated content delivery via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – or whichever channel your target group prefers.

Analysis, strategy, creation and success measurement from one source

The employer branding of K12 is characterized by the bundling of all relevant competencies and the constructive exchange between disciplines.

Overview of the five phases - analysis, strategy, creation, implementation and evaluation - of the employer branding process of K12

In an interview with Dr. Frank Hoefer, CEO of eismann and the Foodexplorer Group, you can hear how K12 developed tailor-made solutions for a very specific challenge and what makes the cooperation stand out from the customer’s perspective.

How we can help you in the area of employer branding:

  • Strategy development
    Master plan to success
  • Community management
    Steering people and opinions
  • Messages / Content development
    Engage with relevance and emotion
  • Reputation management
    Attraction requires trust
  • EVP development
    Core essence and guiding star
  • Internal influencer
    Bringing the right employees into play
  • Recruitment campaign
    Find the right ones quickly and efficiently
  • Employee advocacy
    Harnessing the potential of the workforce
  • Content marketing & storytelling
    Communicate messages creatively
  • CEO positioning / Personal branding
    Putting a face to the employer brand
  • Social media audits
    From status quo to optimum
  • Video & Audio
    Attractive content that moves people
  • Social media marketing
    From analysis and strategy to ongoing support
  • Podcast
    Build ongoing relationships with your target market