Well functioning internal communications are a prerequisite for clear orientation and high agility in the company – and thus the ability to renew. Because only with clearly formulated content, powerful channels and appropriate formats can strategically important topics be communicated quickly and changes successfully implemented. It is important that the entire organization is permeated and that direct channels are open for employees to commincate feedback to management and executives. This promotes dialogue and creates a change-friendly culture.

For particularly agile companies, we also work with our clients to establish cross-divisional communication structures and routines within the company. These are a prerequisite for a pronounced innovative spirit and abilities. For example, “innovation communities” can be established within the company as drivers of innovation processes.

How we can help you in the area of internal communications:

  • Analysis of existing internal communication
  • Master plan that links the communication process with other relevant processes
  • Communication strategy that determines who is to be addressed when and with which instruments
  • Strategic topic planning
  • Management support, with presentation documents
  • Establishment of innovation communities as initiators and drivers of innovation processes
  • Catalogue of measures and implementation
  • Quick-Starter Package, which sets the first milestones for short-term action (e.g. workshops, kick-off events, strategy presentations)
  • Regular communication via contemporary and dialogical communication instruments
  • Support in the development of Corporate Newsrooms: Transformation of communications departments
  • Support in the evaluation of internal communications and the establishment of ongoing communications monitoring (Background: model for communications impact and internal communication)