Entrepreneurial decisions create space for communication. At the same time, social and political developments can limit the scope for action. Every organization must find a balance in this area of conflict, position itself strategically and make the best possible use of its opportunities.

In order to design credible and goal-oriented corporate communications, we take a comprehensive view of individual topics and the needs of stakeholders within a company. K12 combines design, content and storytelling with contemporary technologies to address strategic topics for a company and to successfully introduce innovations. We embed stringent advantage and benefit argumentation into a world of emotional experience, and deploy complex technologies and products in an exciting and easily understandable way for the respective target group. Our profound knowledge of brand, market and target groups forms the cornerstone of good corporate communications – and the starting point on the path to greater awareness, trust and a genuine contribution to increasing the value of the company.

How we can help you with corporate and innovation communications:

  • Agenda Setting
    Actively addressing topics and positioning yourself with the right strategy
  • Dialogue communication during the innovation process
    Involving stakeholders at an early stage
  • Data storytelling
    Conveying complex topics with data
  • Data-driven PR
    Data-supported development of communication
  • Support in the development of Corporate Newsrooms
    Transformation of communication departments
  • Reputation analysis
    Determine the status quo of your reputation
  • Topic analysis
    Discovering topic trends, identifying user interests
  • Social media audits
    Identify relevant social channels and influencers
  • Stakeholder mapping
    Identifying important actors and defining their scope of action
  • Film: Experience innovation
    Moving image staging of product USPs and innovations
  • Liquid storytelling
    Brands tell stories
  • Content marketing
    The right content at the right time on the right channels
  • Customer journey
    Making sales processes come alive
  • Lead generation
    Landing pages that support sales
  • PoS strategies
    Score points quickly and efficiently on site
  • Sales arguments
    Focus on benefits and advantages
  • Infographics
    At a glance: Complex interrelationships in the form of images
  • Powerpoint
    Storyline, content and design at their best
  • Corporate and marketing websites
    From strategic orientation to implementation and ongoing support