Social media and mobile use are changing the way content is received – and with it the expectations placed on communication formats: Communications have to be conveyed clearly and comprehensibly in order to be understood and processed despite ever shorter attention spans.

This is best achieved through visual communications, in particular multimedia – because these formats spark attention and remain in the memory. Statements must be clear, striking, engaging and always precisely tailored to specific target groups and their relevant context.

K12 supports companies and organizations to bring abstract and complex content to clear form in multimedia, and to convey them in a sustainable way. We advise in the choice of suitable media and implement messages competently and efficiently.

Our services at a glance

  • Powerpoint
    Storyline, content and design at their best
  • Prezi-presentations
    The whole picture: Clarity meets depth of information
  • Online magazines
    Attract customers with strong content
  • Magazine apps and e-books (iBook, ePub)
    More options, less cost – electronic equivalent of the print magazine
  • Infographics
    At a glance: Complex interrelationships in the form of images
  • Animations
    From moving infographics to mood animation
  • Digital flipbook
    Brochures and books with "turning pages" effect
  • Web app
    Runs in the browser, looks like an app
  • Storyline und text
    Make content appear convincing
  • Presentation training
    Preparation for managers
  • Moving image format consulting
  • Storyboard
  • Production including camera, light and sound
  • Post-production including editing and animation
  • Setting and music composition
  • Selection of professional speakers, actors, extras and presenters
  • Tutorial videos
  • Moving image presentation
    Combines the strengths of film and presentation
  • Dialogue cards
    Conveying abstract topics such as guiding principles, corporate strategy or change processes
  • Visualization
    Showing complex correlations and processes
  • Format consulting
    From print, event and online to AV media
  • Conception and realization of formats
    E.g. knowledge maps, audio podcast, microsite, workshops or info clips