On the internet, more and more content is vying for the attention of users. To prevail here, fast formats with strong images – such as video are being intelligently deployed. Because moving imagery captures the essence of the message.

No other media format transports content faster than film. And no other communication measure is as versatile and effective: “Moving” communication arouses emotions via all channels. It speaks directly to the audience and tells a story in just a few images.

K12 plans and produces video and audio formats – from storyboarding and shooting to editing and post-production. If required, we also take care of narration, voice-overs and music.

How we can help you in the area of video & audio:

  • Moving image format consulting
  • Storyboard
  • Production including camera, light and sound
  • Post-production including editing and animation
  • Scoring and music composition
  • Selection of professional speakers, actors, extras and presenters
  • Tutorial videos
  • Social video
  • Moving image presentations
    combine the strengths of film and presentation
  • Podcast marketing

Motion design and animations

Processes, products B2C and B2B, strategy and knowledge transfer/tutorials

Processes or complex strategic topics are often abstract and therefore difficult to convey.

In internal communications, compact motion design or animation films are used to visually, clearly, vividly and coherently explain:

  • Contexts
  • Dependencies
  • Tasks
  • Roles
  • Objectives

These tools support communication departments in placing topics, especially in teams working in different locations.

In B2B communication, they convey the added value of your complex B2B products or services in a comprehensible way. Motion designs become the initiator for in-depth customer discussions while supporting marketing and sales.

Your advantages:

  • Internal: Processes, roles and objectives of the corporate strategy become understandable in 1-2 minutes.
  • External: Products and services can be experienced without the need for elaborate film sets.
  • Motion design and animations support the brand message and visually strengthen the corporate identity.

How we can support you:

  • Concept, editing, planning and production
  • From LinkedIn posts to product films, from tutorial to strategy communication
  • Complete in-house production for high-quality and timely implementation

Live communication enables visible leadership in internal communications, successful product launches or effective topic placement in corporate communications.

Both internal and external corporate communications are increasingly shifting to social media, thereby also changing its character: they are becoming small-scale and easily digestible – yet without a consistent strategy the "big picture" is missing. The actual objectives of a corporate strategy easily get lost in the mass of individual messages. In live communication, context quickly becomes clear and tangible again. This is because critical context is best conveyed through experiencing the management of a company live. With live broadcasts or panel discussions, you can bring current topics into the target group in a direct and relevant way.

Your advantages:

  • Management can be experienced live and directly. Products become tangible. Topics are addressed when they are most needed.
  • Messages are planned in a structured way, edited in a compact form and thus quicker and easier to understand.
  • Live messages encourage active participation: via chats, surveys or live broadcasts.
  • A professionally filmed production captures attention and is taken more seriously – standing out from the mass of quickly produced social media content due to high image and sound quality.

How we can help you:

  • Concept, planning and production
  • From a small Facebook/YouTube livestream to a multiple secured satellite connection for highly sensitive internal topics
  • All-in-one package of consulting, editing, production and live direction for fast, efficient setups