Companies that seek to position themselves for the future are under constant pressure to innovate. The digitalization of economies and societies is clearly intensifying this pressure. Sustainable corporate management requires constantly improved solutions and new approaches to successfully balance economic, ecological and social factors. Even the most fundamental, assumed constants must be consistently questioned. New thinking, new ideas, new work processes should take effect quickly. Communication plays a critical role in this process.

When the time comes to orient the company towards permanent renewal rather than acute change, it makes sense to enable top management – and in particular the heads of the core functions strategy, human resources and communication – so that they are able to effectively steer this process themselves.

This is exactly where K12 steps in with our Empowering Change approach. We not only advise and assist our clients in the planning and implementation of change processes, but also involve them in every operational phase. In doing so, we make available our extensive and innovative methodological knowledge, our wealth of practical experience gained from numerous change processes, and our full scope of creativity. In a well-structured series of workshops, clients are intensively involved at specific junctures, without being continually challenged and distracted from their daily business.

On the one hand, the client quickly learns how communication can be used to anchor, steer and encourage a corporate mindset and behavior that facilitates continuous renewal. On the other hand, the process is best adapted to the needs of the company from the outset through intensive involvement of the client – after all, nobody knows the company better than the client himself. This is the optimal way to start the renewal process.

How we can help you in Empowering Change:

  • Analysis workshops
  • Workshops for the conception of new communication
  • Workshops for topic identification
  • Establishment of new communication channels
  • Editing of accompanying publications