PowerPoint has established itself as the industry benchmark for presentations – and offers more than most users are aware of. We create and design professional PowerPoint presentations, develop target-group oriented visual worlds and presentation formats that integrate multimedia content.

More presentation power with Prezi

“Prezi” is a Flash application for displaying complex content and helps to present in a dynamic and innovative way. The contents are no longer strung together, but presented in one image – as if on a “three-dimensional pinboard”. Pans connect individual points, zooms into the details, multimedia content can be easily integrated anywhere.

We develop and design professional presentations with Prezi – and you score points with multidimensional as well as multimedia presentations.

The best of all formats: From ebooks to digital magazines

Digital publishing formats are suitable for complex topics and projects: For example, digital magazines link their texts with videos, animations or interactive elements. Apps can display several language versions side by side. And Digital Flipbooks enable easy online publishing of brochure content. K12 supports you in choosing the right presentation formats for your needs.

So können wir Ihnen bei Präsentationen helfen:

  • Powerpoint
    Storyline, content and design at their best
  • Prezi-presentations
    The whole picture: Clarity meets depth of information
  • Online magazines
    Attract customers with strong content
  • Magazine apps and e-books (iBook, ePub)
    More options, less cost – electronic equivalent of the print magazine
  • Infographics
    At a glance: Complex interrelationships in the form of images
  • Animations
    From moving infographics to mood animation
  • Digital flipbook
    Brochures and books with "turning pages" effect
  • Web app
    Runs in the browser, looks like an app
  • Storyline und text
    Make content appear convincing
  • Presentation training
    Preparation for managers