Using data in communication
Where are you positioned with your social media measures and your online communications? An analysis provides the basis for decisions on how to successfully operate social media and online relations. It also helps in the development of classic communication concepts, as it also provides insights into stakeholder needs and perspectives. We have extensive knowledge in this area, cemented in academic projects, yet pragmatic and goal-oriented.

Our research services provide support in all phases of data-driven communication processes:

Data-driven PR / data-driven communications process

Our services at a glance:

  • Definition of goals (e.g. in the context of a goal definition workshop) and derivation of KPIs
  • Stakeholder insights: Target group modelling, e.g. analysis of stakeholder interests for the development of stakeholder journey analyses, for personnel development or definition of targeting criteria
  • Competition analyses
  • Influencer analyses
  • Social media audits: Analysis of relevant topics, platforms and identification of multipliers
  • Content research:
    • Topic analyses / Early detection of topics
    • Content analysis (with SEO focus)
    • Editorial metrics
  • Communications monitoring:
    • Development of evaluation and measurement concepts
    • Performance measurement for internal communications / change communications
    • Digital metrics (social media metrics, web analytics, search engine analytics)
    • Reputation analyses
    • Feedback analyses
    • Support with selection tools
    • Reporting


Our methods at a glance:

  • Web and social media statistical procedures
  • Nethnographic analyses
  • Network analyses
  • Usability tests (according to DIN ISO 9241 110/11): Assessment of the user-friendliness of online applications (websites, intranets, individual applications)
  • Online surveys


Studies / Commissioned research

In addition to the practical accompaniment of communication processes, we work independently – or together with our partners com.X and Die Netzberater… – to create:

  • Expert opinions
  • Commissioned studies (e.g. benchmarking studies)
  • Research projects in digitalization

Preparation of study results / data visualization: With our visual communications team, specialists are available to prepare and visualize complex issues in a way that is appropriate for the target group. Whether in PowerPoint, as a publication or as an interactive data visualization.