Digitalization is triggering a profound change which is also affecting the communications industry. Media and marketing are already utilizing the technologies successfully: Artificial intelligence, Big Data or Natural Language Generation are radically changing corporate communications. Through data analysis, we understand the behavior of target groups far more precisely and can thus anticipate it. The Cognitive PR Network (more here) can help you to understand how these new technologies are reshaping opinion leader communications and content marketing, and how you can carry out initial pilot projects with robot editor technology. By combining profound PR experience and knowledge gained through 20 years of digital communications, we prepare you and your team for the digital transformation of PR.


What we offer you:

Fit for the transformation of PR

  • Digital Vision Workshop: Helps communication decision-makers understand techniques that change the way PR works.
  • Transformational Strategy Workshop: To develop a strategy for the digital transformation of PR.
  • Digital Tool Overview: Overview of possibilities and application areas of digital tools for PR
  • Digital Fitness Workshops
    • PR Analytics and Data-driven PR (1): Understanding PR evaluation (one-day)
    • PR Analytics and Data-driven PR (2): Utilizing PR metrics in daily operations (one day)
    • PR Analytics and Data-driven PR (3): Keyword analyses and content audits (half-day)
  • Data Storytelling (one day)
  • Agile Processes in the Communications Department (one day)
  • Natural Language Programming for PR Editors (one day)
  • Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of AI Projects: e.g. in the area of text production (one-day)


Cognitive PR Network

The Cognitive PR Network: PR professionals who have been following the development of the industry for many years and who have advised numerous companies on digital transformation issues. As the Cognitive PR Network, we offer orientation on key trends. We present the technologies that are driving this development. We develop products and services to accompany businesses and their communicators as they enter the world of cognitive PR. We train teams and communication managers and make them fit for the next digital revolution.