Companies place high expectations on the market launch of new products. We develop integrated marketing concepts for product launches that create maximum awareness, acceptance and appeal – while also benefiting the brand and positioning.

But not only do we see positioning opportunities for companies in the launch communication of individual products. Rather, we consider the fundamental innovative strength of a company to be an enormous value that corporate communications need to leverage. We involve stakeholders in communication at an early stage, making innovation processes tangible – internally and externally. Digital transformation is just one of the drivers that keeps many of our clients busy.

We communicate complex products and technologies that require a great deal of explanation, making them easy to understand – while using suitable formats via the most efficient channels. To effectively enhance the impact of communication, relevant stakeholders can be sensitized to a specific innovation in advance of a launch via dialog formats, online relations and targeted content marketing.

K12’s strategic-conceptual services include the creation of a communication plan to coordinate all content, measures and channels – as well as their optimal timeline orchestration. In the realization of individual measures, clients benefit from K12’s high level of implementation competence: The range of services extends from classic publications (brochures, flyers), editorial formats (magazines, newsletters), multimedia presentations and moving images to websites and social media campaigns as well as dialogue and event formats.

How we can help you in the area of product and innovation communications:

  • Dialogue communication during the innovation process
    Involving stakeholders at an early stage
  • Film: Experience innovation
    Moving image staging of product USPs and innovations
  • Explanatory videos
    Technology simply explained: show instead of describe
  • Digital exhibits
    Abstract becomes comprehensible and tangible
  • Liquid storytelling
    Brands tell stories
  • Content marketing
    The right content at the right time on the right channels
  • Classic advertising media
    Achieve maximum impact with digital and analogue
  • Customer journey
    Making sales processes come alive
  • Lead generation
    Landing pages that support sales
  • PoS strategies
    Score points quickly and efficiently on site
  • Sales arguments
    Focus on benefits and advantages
  • Mobile sales support
    Product information via tablet and smartphone
  • Infographics
    At a glance: Complex interrelationships in the form of images
  • Corporate and marketing websites
    From strategic orientation to implementation and ongoing support
  • Powerpoint
    Storyline, content and design at their best